Has nothing good happened yet?

Maybe you’re just growing like bamboo.

My jiu jitsu teacher, Milton Regis, used to liken our martial development to how bamboo grows.

He told us that in the first 5 years after planting bamboo seeds, you don’t see anything. Nothing sprouts. It feels like a dud–wasted time and space.

And then, 5 years later, there is an explosion of bamboo stalks that come up at the original site where you planted them, but ALSO tens of feet in all directions. What happened?

For the first 5 years, the bamboo spread its roots. It was growing, but only under the surface. It was creating a strong base, preparing for a great emergence.

Just because you haven’t seen any big shifts in your life, doesn’t mean you’re not growing. There may be more happening beneath the surface than you realize. You’re growing your roots, preparing for the great emergence.