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“The voice inside my head is an asshole.”


Every human being has thoughts.

And every human being struggles with their thoughts.

How you work with thoughts will determine whether you suffer in this life or flourish.


I wish it were less dramatic than that, but it isn’t.

We have roughly 6,000 thoughts moving through our minds per day.

They color our entire reality.

The difference between feeling lost or at home is a thought.

The difference between feeling anxiety vs excitement is a thought.

The difference between feeling good about yourself or bad about yourself is a thought.

The difference between making a decision from your soul vs your ego is knowing how to distinguish between different thoughts.

Thought triggers emotion.
Emotion triggers behavior.
Behavior triggers external conditions.

How we relate to, condition, and direct our thoughts impacts everything–relationships, work, happiness, purpose, healing, impact, growth, and more.

I’ve spent over ten thousand hours watching and learning about thoughts in meditation.

And even more learning how to work with thoughts in day-to-day life.

It’s an aspect of my experience that has deeply humbled me, but for which I am so grateful to have spent time exploring. Because I now love being in my mind. I truly do. Thoughts used to be my enemy, and they are now my ally. And I want this for everyone.

And while I’ve talked a lot about working with thoughts in my teachings, I have never done a deep immersion.

Where I walk you through, step-by-step, how to transform your relationship with this part of your life.

And that’s what this course is.

A comprehensive path to finally feel at home in your mind.

We will meet weekly for 2 hours at a time. There will be 5 Q&A’s peppered throughout the 8 weeks. There will be lots of resources and bonus content.


To support your application and integration of the teachings, you will receive daily meditations throughout the course that will help you install the teachings. All you need to do is show up.

Throughout our time together, we will address many topics related to the thinking mind…

Rumination, relaxation, neuroscience, intuition, obsession, manifestation, ego vs soul thoughts, fear, trauma, impermanence, spirituality, decision-making, inner freedom, emotions, physiology, and more.

By the end, you will not only have an abundance of tools for working with thoughts, but you will have developed a completely different relationship to your thinking mind.

I want you to come out the other side of this program transformed.

And if you don’t, I will gladly give you your money back.

Your mind is a beautiful place. Really, it’s spectacular. I can’t even begin to describe the beauty, vastness, energy, and serenity that is innate to your mind.

It’s just clouded.

And we’re going to change that.



Core Sessions: Weekly | Two Hours Each

  • Week 1: Stability; Grounding
  • Week 2: Focus; Letting Go
  • Week 3: Befriend; Depersonalize
  • Week 4: Mind-Body; Energy Release
  • Week 5: Inner Critic; Attitude
  • Week 6: Intuition; Soul vs Ego
  • Week 7: Heart Space; Love; Wisdom
  • Week 8: Desire; Karma; Self Repair

30-Minute Daily Meditations:

Daily: Monday – Friday

Time: You can do these at any time of day; or multiple per day

Q&A Sessions:

You will receive 5 Q&A sessions where I respond to the most common questions that are arising. There is A LOT of in-depth teaching that happens in these sessions.


COST: $545

payment plan available


  • 8 Teaching Sessions (2 hours each)
  • 32 Daily Meditations for 8 Weeks
  • 5 Q&A Sessions (1.5-2 hours each)
  • Lifelong access to recordings of sessions, Q&A, and meditations
  • Private group & forum
  • Bonus Content: Meditations, videos, resources

*This course will not be available to purchase in the future

I believe in your ability to find inner freedom. And it is my life’s work to help you experience it.

If you feel the pull to this journey, I’d love to do this with you.