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Theme: Self-Love

Description: In this 90-minute masterclass, we’ll take a deep dive into self-love. We’ll discuss why it’s arguably the most essential thing to develop for a fulfilling life, fulfilling relationships, and resilience/ I’ll share my best practices and thoughts on how to develop self-love, based on my own experience, the science, and what I’ve seen work for my students over the years. We’ll look at two perspectives that we can take on self-love, an exploration around why we hate ourselves, how to hold a loving orientation toward ourselves in all moments throughout the day, and specific prompts and practices to use to develop a deep sense of self-love (especially if there are blocks). You will also receive ample follow-up resources to go deeper into your self-love journey.

Instructor: Cory Muscara

Price: $50

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Location: Pre-recorded on Zoom
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Price: $50