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Deep Rest & Relaxation: 
12+ Hours of Teachings & 100+ Practices, Tips, and Meditations

“The mind-body connection is real. By using relaxation techniques, we can tap into the body’s natural healing mechanisms.”
-Andrew Huberman

Deep Rest

Just because you know how to take a break doesn’t mean you know how to rest.

Deep rest is a skill.

It’s not as simple as remembering to breathe, being more present, or periodically going on vacation.

It involves specific practices, nervous system training, and an understanding of how the mind and body hold onto stress.

AND…it involves space and patience.

Given the years of accumulated tension, stress patterns, traumas (micro and macro), and LIFE, it can take time for the mind and body to truly unwind.

That’s where this course comes in: We’re going to explore the skills, practices, and conditions that facilitate deep rest.

Why is the skill of deep rest so important?

Well, when we hold stress and tension, we reinforce a nervous system response of fight, flight, or freeze reactivity. This can lead to:

  • Negative rumination and chronic worrying
  • Impatience and edginess in our relationships
  • Physical ailments and chronic illness
  • Loss of energy and enthusiasm for life
  • The perpetuation of trauma in the body
  • Outbursts of anger or a general feeling of being angry
  • Reduced sex drive 
  • Tightness and clenching in the body
  • An inability to be still; always needing to be busy
  • Poor listening and attunement to others
  • And more

If you’ve tried to “relax” but still find yourself tense, stressed, and overwhelmed, there’s a good chance you 

Of course, there are often external and systemic conditions that can activate a stress response in our body, and this should not be overlooked or bypassed in our journey of deep rest. AND, there is a tremendous amount that we can do in the face of these conditions to restore, reset, and take care of ourselves.

If you’re new to my courses, they are designed to be a condensed practice and learning period,  helping you move toward a more full, authentic, alive, awakened, and joyous expression of yourself.

Here’s what past participants have said about these retreats:

“I have long been unable to go to traditional meditation retreats because I have small children. This online format provided me with the opportunity (and no excuse) to engage! It was more than I expected – and I had pretty high expectations. Cory’s presence, his depth of knowledge, the structure, and the powerful journey I had were worth far more than the modest cost. I feel cleansed and more centered. I’m deeply grateful for the experience.” -Shannon Polly

“After attending the retreat, I am overflowing with resources, and my practice has new life.”-Dale

“For me, these retreats have been profound and life-changing.” -Dennis Blanchut

“An incredible experience which fostered inner peace. I met countless amazing people and learned an incredible amount of information.” -Mike Fazio

“This retreat was so deep, so personal. Spectacular, really, that it has left me speechless. I think it boils down to: “The adventure continues. I can hardly wait for the next one.” -Louise Lamanna

I will also share daily teachings on a variety of different topics and practices, including:

      • The 3 Stages of Relaxation and a map for experiencing them
      • The root cause of stress and we navigate it with our minds
      • The foundational principles of mindfulness and how to develop them
      • Strategies to work with negative rumination (to help the body relax)
      • Strategies to work with bodily tension (to help the mind relax)
      • An exploration of how we store tension and how to unwind
      • Practices to train your brain for restful and peaceful states
      • 5+ meditation practices for deep rest and relaxation
      • Practices for letting go, grieving, and healing
      • Everything you need to know to begin and sustain a meditation practice
      • And much more.

I also want to make sure you have all the resources you need to feel supported after this program. So, in addition to 11.5 hours worth of teachings and practices, you’ll receive the following post-retreat fits

            ⦿  Customized Intuitive Guidance Meditation
            ⦿  20-Minute “Deep Rest” Meditation
            ⦿  COVID-19 Self-Care Kit (meditations & practices)
            ⦿  30-Minute Video Teaching on the 3 Stages of Relaxation
            ⦿  10 Different Guided Mindfulness Meditations
            ⦿  5 Sleep Meditations
            ⦿  10-Day Deep Sleep Course
            ⦿  31-Day Mindfulness & Positive Psychology Series
            ⦿  7-Day Anti-Anxiety Coaching Series
            ⦿  8-Page Mindfulness Starter Pack
            ⦿  30-Minute Partner Meditation Practice 

I’d love for you to experience the program. Please trust your intuition on whether or not it’s the right time for you.

Warm wishes,



Pricing & Bonuses

Cost: $250


  • 12+ Hours of Teaching by Cory muscara
  • Recordings of ALL sessions for future use
  • 20-Minute “Deep Rest” Meditation
  • 10-Day Happiness Course
  • 10 Different Guided Mindfulness Meditations
  • 5 Sleep Meditations
  • COVID19 Self-Care Kit (meditations & practices)
  • 10-Day Deep Sleep Course
  • 30-Minute Video Teaching on the 3 Stages of Relaxation
  • 31-Day Mindfulness & Positive Psychology Series
  • 7-Day Anti-Anxiety Coaching Series
  • 8-Page Mindfulness Starter Pack
  • 30-Minute Partner Meditation Practice