Attn: If you just can’t seem to stop fixating on negative & anxious thoughts…

Discover How to Go From Stressed Out, Anxious, & Feeling Run Down to Feeling Calm, Happy, and Empowered to Deal With Your Inner Critic

Cut through the clutter in your mind.

In this masterclass you will learn…

  • What your thoughts say about your inner alignment
  • How to distance yourself from the constant (and often negative) chatter
  • The steps to redirect and reframe unwanted thoughts
  • When to use those negative thoughts for good and where they serve their purpose
  • How to make your mind a more safe, supportive, and inspiring place to be

Who this is for

If it feels like the smallest things get blown out of proportion and turn into non-stop rumination – filling your mind with negativity, anxiousness and paranoia…

If you find yourself lying awake in bed at night and the constant mind chatter and anxiety makes it impossible to fall asleep…

If obsessive thoughts over negative memories of past failures, conflicts, and embarrassing moments leave you lingering with constant analysis paralysis, making day-to-day decisions a nightmare…

And all of this gets in the way of being present at work, with family, or when you’re out with friends…

And you’re tired of people telling you to just “think positive” like it will solve all of your problems…

Then you’re in the right place…

And guess what?

All of that is completely normal…


Everyone struggles with thoughts.


After all, we weren’t handed a manual on how to deal with our thoughts or what they’re actually trying to tell us.

It’s not something they teach in school.

And thoughts are just a part of our life.

But It’s when we become our thoughts, without creating space or independence from them, that we risk living life out of alignment.

A life out of alignment feels stressful, sad, anxious, painful, depressing, unfocused, and unfulfilling.

Sometimes we don’t want to address what’s beneath the surface because we don’t think we can handle the pain associated with it. (You can)

But what if you had the tools to begin accessing the depths of your thoughts, sifting beyond the nonsense that sometimes persists at the surface, to truly reach the truth you seek?

What if you knew how to ground your body and settle your mind with techniques that help create optimistic and healing thoughts?

“The difference between feeling good about
yourself or bad about yourself is a thought.”

The mind can be a tricky place.

But you already knew that.

Our life, our relationships, our career, our successes (and our failures), are all connected to our thoughts.

When we become agitated, overwhelmed, depressed and unfocused, we are letting our thoughts lead the way.

You are the seer.

Not what is being seen.

What would happen if you learned to observe the nagging voice?

The voice that keeps saying you’ve failed today. Or let someone down. Or aren’t failed today. Or let someone down. Or aren’t successful enough.

That you’re not a good mom, or wife, husband or father.

Who is that (sometimes mean) voice anyway?

Or as Dan Harris puts it: “The voice inside my head is an asshole.”

When we can meet ourselves and our thoughts with compassion it helps us to move away from the cycle of tension or resistance.

What is bottled up within you that needs to be released so that you can live as your most authentic self?

We’ll cover all of this in the “Thoughts” masterclass.

Here’s exactly what you’ll ll discover:

Achieving Inner

An activated mind, negative thoughts, ping-ponging attention may not be a sign that your mind is “broken”, but instead a sign that you are out of alignment with a deeper truth within you. Learn how to use these thoughts as a compass back to your truest self.

Disidentification from
Negative Thoughts

The pain we experience from thoughts is because we are overly identified with thoughts. Who are we if we are not the chaotic thoughts? Discover the 6-step process to controlling your emotional response to these thoughts to reveal your true identity.


Having the capacity to redirect your attention is an essential part of working with your thoughts. We’ll cover 7 ways to do that and create a healthier way of thinking.


That voice (as annoying as it may be) is actually just YOU trying to love on YOU! Recognize the positive intention and evolutionary function of the inner critic to reveal what it’s actually trying to say.

Negative Thoughts & Healing

Observe your negative thoughts to get to the heart of what is really going on. Learn to bring compassion to pain to provoke healing.

Cultivating Positive Thoughts

A pessimistic perspective views difficult events through the lens of the 3 P’s Personal (my fault), Permanent (this is not going to change), and Pervasive (everything always goes wrong). Learn how to shift away from these patterns and cultivate positive thoughts.

  • The 3 questions to ask to instantly reground yourself
  • Access to guided meditations for self compassion, self care, focus, gratitude & more
  • A library of supplemental meditations and resource guides
  • Book & blog recommendations for creating a more compassionate inner narrative
  • Breathing techniques, tips, and mindset shifts to take control of your thoughts and overcome stress & anxiety.
  • Understanding what your thoughts are really trying to tell you, usually it’s important

Meet Your teacher

Hi, I’m Cory and I teach people how to live well and find deep happiness.

I’m a mindfulness teacher, speaker, coach, and former monk…

Yes, I lived in complete silence for over 6 months and learned from Sayadaw U Pandita, one of the most esteemed meditation masters and Theravada Buddhist scholars.

I’m interested in what makes life deeply fulfilling.

Which is why it’s so important that we start by figuring out what is holding you back.

Oftentimes, our agitation and general resistance to happiness is a sign that we are out of alignment with our truth.

And it’s even harder to align to that truth when our thoughts won’t slow down enough for us to seek answers.

In this masterclass, I reveal specific techniques to help you finally create space between you and your thoughts so you can hear what your highest self is trying to cultivate for you.

I have dedicated my life to the practice of going inward to find a steady optimism and happiness worthy of meeting the external world.

Thoughts used to be my enemy, and they are
now my ally.

And I want this for you.

Get instant access today and discover how to work with negative thoughts, painful thoughts, sticky thoughts, incessant rumination, thoughts related to past traumas, etc.

We’ll lso explore how to cultivate optimistic, supportive, and wholesome thoughts. Essentially, how to make your mind a more safe, supportive, and inspiring place to be.

So that you can:

  • Get grounded and learn to use grounding for exponential growth
  • Create a positive relationship to the voice in your head
  • Regain connection with your body
  • Manage what no longer serves you
  • Hold space for faster and deeper healing of pain or trauma

Past Masterclass:

Mastering Stress & Anxiety

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Location: Pre-recorded on Zoom
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Past Masterclass:


Location: Pre-recorded on Zoom
Price: 50$