We’re all at different stages of wisdom.

We’re all at different stages of wisdom in our lives.

A child will likely not have the same understanding of social cues that an adult has. An adult will likely not have the same level of freedom and inhibition that a child has.

A 20-year-old will not value peace and stability in the same way that a 50 year-old would. And a 50-year-old will likely not be as energized and pleasure seeking as a 20-year old.

And it’s unlikely that a teenager will have the same desire for presence, savoring and appreciation of life that a 90-year old man would have in his final years.

We can’t expect everyone to be at the same stages. We’re constantly growing, learning, and evolving. If you’re child doesn’t “get it” cut them some slack; you probably needed a lot of time and experiences to “get it” the way that you do now.

And if your parents are pushing you to do something you don’t understand, maybe cut them some slack; they’re just trying to offer the wisdom they perceive to have at their stage of life.

Our life experiences will influence the lens through which we hold expectations of others. Just don’t forget that you once had a different lens, and you’ll one day have a new lens.