You must feel the hurt before you can move through it.

In spirituality, we often talk about Relative Reality vs Ultimate Reality

Relative reality is the mundane, the tangible, the superficial. It is the level of the “self.” You and me. “I.” Labels, concepts, ideas.

Ultimate reality is the transcended space. It is the ego-less. It is the space where we are all one, beyond ideas and story. It is wholeness.

Both are forms of reality, mind you.

In the realm of spirituality, though, there is a tendency to view concerns of the relative world as simplistic, materialistic, or fake; an obstacle in the way of something deeper; an expression of the world or ourselves we must avoid or suppress.

But you cannot access the ultimate without the relative. That is spiritual bypassing.

You must see the self before you can transcend it.

You must feel hurt before you can move through it.

You must feel the draw of lust before your mind can let go of it.

Relative reality is the only gateway into ultimate reality. Do not dismiss it.