FAQ for Finding Your Home

Q: How do I access the course?

To log in to Practicing Human where the course is held, go to https://practicing-human.mn.co/sign_in.

If you have yet to add this course to your Practicing Human profile, click here to add it.

If you forgot your password, click the “Forgot Password?” link and follow the prompts (see image below).

Q: How do I reset my password?

To reset your password, log out, go to https://practicing-human.mn.co/sign_in and click the “Forgotten Password?” link and follow the prompts to send yourself a Magic Link or reset your password by email (see image above).

Q: How do I locate Finding Your Home in Practicing Human?

After logging on, click “Courses” on the left-hand side. You may need to expand the selection by clicking the little arrow next to Courses.

Click on Finding Your Home to open the course.

Select the arrow next to the week to expand the week’s course materials.

Select a lesson in that week you want to watch.

After clicking a weekly lesson, play the recording by clicking the arrow in the center of the video image.

You can expand the video to full screen by selecting the two opposing arrows in the top left corner. To exit the lesson, click the X in the right corner.

Q: How long is the course content available on the membership site?

The content stays there forever, so you can access this as long as you keep your free Practicing Human login.

Q: I am having odd display or compatibility issues. How do I fix them?

Make sure to use the latest version of Chrome, and make sure all of your computer updates are installed. DO NOT use Internet Explorer.

Still have other questions?

Please email us at support@practicinghuman.com. If this is technical issue (and to best support you), make sure you provide the following information: computer (mac or pc), browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc..), and url and any screen shot you’d want to share, and of course the issue.