5 Free Meditations For Sleep

Sleep Easy. Sleep Well.

Have you been struggling to fall asleep, stay asleep, or get back to sleep? Are your mind and body constantly restless, agitated and unsettled? Are you not able to calm your thoughts? I’ve put together 5 Sleep Meditations to help settle your thoughts, pacify your mind, and find peace when trying to sleep.

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3 Reasons You Need Better Sleep


It’s more than just about getting your body the energy it needs through sleep, it’s about your mind too.


Improve concentration

Studies show that people with better sleep patterns are able to concentrate better throughout the day. This leads to not only more brain performance but better social interactions too. Sleep makes us better listeners.


relieve depression

Depression is at the heart of many problems for many people. Sleep can help relieve some of the symptoms of depression. While not a root cause, poor sleep can make depression even more difficult.


increase energy

Believe it or not sleep can actually help our metabolism. This extra energy through fewer calories means that we get more energy, much more efficient guts and a possibly reduction in inflammation throughout the body too.


“I love this series. I’m listening to it everyday before going to sleep and I noticed that every morning when I wake up I feel positive and motivated to be my best self.”


“This is a life changing program! I have anxiety problems. This program makes me feel like it is customized for me. I love it! I listen to it again and again.”


Sleep better tonight

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