Jan. 30

Be still and meet that soft, terrifying place in your heart. “I go among trees and sit still. All my stirring becomes quiet around me like circles on water. My tasks lie in their places where I left them asleep like cattle. Then what is afraid of me comes and lives a...

Jan. 29

Mindfulness is not about mindfulness. It’s about freedom. I’ve never been passionate about mindfulness because it’s mindfulness. I’m passionate about mindfulness for it’s potential to cultivate freedom of mind. I think it’s important to periodically step away from the...

Jan. 28

You must feel the hurt before you can move through it. In spirituality, we often talk about Relative Reality vs Ultimate Reality Relative reality is the mundane, the tangible, the superficial. It is the level of the “self.” You and me. “I.” Labels, concepts, ideas....

Jan. 27

One moment at a time. You do not have to live your whole life in this moment. You do not have to live all of your pains in this moment; you do not have to live all of your joys in this moment. Just live what is here.

Jan. 26

Keep your heart open. As soon as your heart shuts down, you create the conditions for numbing and disconnection. Nelson Mandela talked about keeping compassion for his captors, and how if that were lost, he would then truly be captured. Other people may hurt you, but...

Jan. 25

You do not need to clear your mind. About 3 months into my retreat in Burma, I went through a period of very intensive thinking, rumination and distracted mind. My mind was ALL OVER the place. I couldn’t settle down. I would try to come back to the breath, but it was...


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