When you shut down lines of communication, you lose the potential for truth.

This was a spontaneous quote that came to me in a dream. I have no memory of the context or what sparked it, but I woke up with these words resounding in my mind. I didn’t understand it conceptually, but it made total sense on a deeper level.

To me, “communication” refers to any sort of exchange, either within oneself or between people/communities. And I see “truth” as a deeper understanding of all the variables at play that might contribute to our understanding of the best way to be in relationship to the context at hand, which, we could argue, is asymptotic. Meaning we never reach absolute truth; we just get closer to it.

With this in mind, I think we can see the wisdom of the above quote in many contexts. In politics, as soon as one side stops the conversation with the other, we lose the potential for coming to any resolution. Within relationship conflict, when one person stops communicating with the other, there is no opportunity for understanding one another on a deeper, more real level. And within ourselves, as soon as we stop questioning who we are, what we are, and how to be in better relationship to ourselves and the world, we lose the opportunity for growing into our deeper truth and potential.

Keep the lines of communication open. It’s our only hope for coming to any idea of individual or collective truth.