The comfort of thinking something COULD work can keep us from seeing if it ACTUALLY works.

I had a friend who finally started meditating after years of talking about doing it. When I asked him what took so long, he mentioned that there was fear that it might not work. Despite knowing the benefits, he thought, “what if it doesn’t work for ME?”

It’s interesting. There can be a comfort in knowing that we have something that COULD help us. It gives us hope to know it’s there. But if we try it, now we’ve gone from the idea of it to the reality of it. And what if the reality is different than our idea? What if it doesn’t actually help us? What does that say about who we are? And then……what would we do?

The fear of this can paralyze us from taking action in a positive way. And it’s understandable.

So you may ask yourself: Would I prefer to stand outside in the cold for the rest of my life while wearing a warm blanket of hope that provides some comfort? Or would I be willing to take the journey somewhere warmer, and trust that if it ISN’T warmer when I get there, I’ll have the courage and resources to keep moving forward toward somewhere else.

Many people are content wearing a blanket in the cold, offering partial solace, but not taking the steps necessary to make real change.

That’s a decision you need to make.