You’re ok, and it’s time to change.

The process of growth often holds this paradox. On one level, we’re ok exactly as we are. On another level, we need to make some shifts.

When you’re born, there’s no idea of anything that’s wrong with you. That’s your essential “OK-ness.” It’s pure and it’s beautiful. And there is huge healing potential in reconnecting to that space.

However, as we grow and integrate with the world, we need to adapt to certain standards, expectations and ways of relating that might not come naturally.

On one level, we might be whole. On another level, we might not have the slightest idea of how to hold a conversation, be productive, and thrive in a romantic relationship.

We need to hold both realities. When we lose touch with our OK-ness, there’s a perpetual need to “get some place else” to feel fulfilled. And when we lose touch with the need to change, we disconnect ourselves from the realities of the relative world, which causes practical, daily disharmonies in different aspects of life.

You’re ok. And it may be time to change.