What if a break up wasn’t the end of the world, but a learning in a much larger journey?

Relationships, specifically marriage, seem to be one of the few things in life that we expect to remain constant. Most other things we expect to change—job, friendships, house, hobbies, physical body, mind. But we have the expectation that a relationship must be fixed.

Now, I’m not here to argue and debate the merits of long-term relationships. But, if you do find yourself in a recent breakup, you mind find it helpful to take the perspective that relationships are here to teach us something we need to learn at a certain point in time, we grow from it, and it sets the foundation for what is to come next.

It’s not fun to break-up. It’s painful. But try to step out of the smallness of mind that says “it’s never going to be the same; what did I do wrong; I’ll never find love again; why me” and instead ask what greater learning this relationship might have been trying to serve you in a much larger journey of life.

Perhaps you needed this relationship to happen and end for you to get into the relationship that will most serve you?

Everything has a lesson that can be gleaned. You just need to be open to seeing it.