Nothing Matters. Everything matters.

On one level, we could argue nothing matters–That the universe doesn’t have an agenda for the earth; that we’re all just star dust; that everything is just unfolding as it’s unfolding and we’re just going along for the ride.

On another level, we could argue that everything matters—That the pain you feel and inflict on another person is real; that the capacity to experience love, in all its forms, might be the most worthwhile pursuit; that the intentionality you bring to your life has an impact on your own wellbeing, the wellbeing of others, and the wellbeing of your community.

Nothing matters. Everything matters. They may both be right. Maybe “mattering” is just a story. But so what? Does that mean we resign to life?

Until you can get punched in the face and say it doesn’t matter to you, the relative world has importance to you, and how you interact with it influences your wellbeing.

But holding this paradox in your mind and heart may help your actions in the world be inspired, rather than be forced through obligation, fear and anxiety.