Be playful with your thoughts.

It can sometimes be difficult to manage repetitive and negative thoughts, specifically imagining scenarios in the future that haven’t happened yet and may never happen.

Mindfulness helps, for sure. Not judging these thoughts, watching them come and go, slowly loosening your mind’s grip on the ideas that you take so seriously.

This works, but at different paces for different people.

You may be able to expedite this process, though, specifically by incorporating strategies discussed in NLP.

Next time there’s a scenario running through your head, have some fun with it.

Add a background theme song (I recommend one from your favorite childhood cartoon).

Change the facial expressions of the people in the scenario. Make their heads really big and their bodies really small. Distort the furniture, the environment, the road you’re driving on.

If there’s someone talking to you, give them a really high-pitched voice and play it in fast forward.

Do this until the scenario becomes so ridiculous that your mind can’t help but smile or laugh. As soon as this happens, you’ve disentangled the negative emotion from the imagined scenario, reconditioning how your brain connects to it.