It’s important to touch into the space of non-striving.

What is it like to just be? To not be caught in the story of who you are, where you’re going, what you need to accomplish?

If we never touch into this space of being, to experience what it’s like to live beyond ideas, then it’s easy to assume that striving is all there is, and is all there should be. That we should always be trying to get some place else, always be trying to improve, and never settling.

Is there something more, though?

Is there a way to achieve, accomplish and produce without burden?

What if you could live in the world expressing yourself from a place of inspiration and freedom, rather than being shackled to your mental narrative of how you need to live, or worse yet, someone else’s narrative of how you need to live?

When we truly stop, we feel into all of the stories that have been pulling and pushing our being. Only in that space of non-striving can we taste the early stages of freedom, and connect with a deeper, internal source of how to navigate life with that freedom.