Meditate longer than you think you can.

In the past, when people tell me they don’t have time or are too skeptical to meditate, my suggestion has been to practice for just one minute a day.

It’s easy to opt into, and can help start and sustain a practice.

I still stand by this, especially if that’s going to be the thing that gets your butt on the cushion.

However, I’ve also recently adopted another prescription, which is to meditate longer than you think you can.

Anything will fit into your life when it becomes a priority. And one of the reasons meditation doesn’t become a priority is because people don’t see the transformative potential of it. One of the ways to see that more quickly is to invest more time into it.

If you think you only have 5 minutes, meditate for 10. If you think only have 30 minutes, meditate for 1 hour. And if you think you only have 90 minutes, try 3 hours.

If you’re actually interested in seeing what this practice can do for you, why not give yourself the opportunity to find out?