If you need to tell people that you’re meditating for them to know you’re meditating, keep meditating.

Jon Kabat-Zinn, the founder of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, says that for the first years of meditating, don’t tell anyone you’re meditating. Every time you get the urge to tell someone, just get your butt on the cushion and meditate some more.

It’s a precious thing in the beginning. Any path of personal growth is. And sometimes we can get eager to shout on the rooftops about what we’re doing, why everyone else should be doing it, and how much it’s changing our lives.

For one, this can be incredibly annoying (unless you do it in a skillful way). But two, if you need to tell people that it’s changing your life for them to know it’s changing your life, it might not be as embodied as you think.

Let the power of your new wisdom, understanding and growth communicate itself organically, through who you are in relationship to others. If it’s really having an impact, people will know.