In the space of mindful awareness, we’re ripe for creative insights.

Research by Lorenza Colzato in 2012, shows that mindfulness meditation, specifically open-monitoring meditation (just watching all thoughts, emotions, sensations, and experience come and go) increases divergent thinking, a foundational pillar of creativity.

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Taken from a transcription of an episode of The Psychology Podcast, if we look at creativity as “being able to come up with something novel and useful, and novel and meaningful,” it implies that we must be able to allow new ways of thinking and understanding to arise in the mind.

One of the reasons mindfulness can promote creativity is because we stop taking thoughts so seriously; we let them come and go. Over time, we loosen our grip on preconceived ideas and judgments about the world, ourselves, and how things should work, because we see at the root of it, these are all just thoughts, and they’re transient, fleeting and subjective.

In the space of open awareness is fertile ground for new ideas, connections and understandings of how the world might work.