There’s no ONE way to wellbeing.

Many people purport to have the answer to what it means to live the good life. Philosophers, religion, and now academics. All contribute new ideas to this exploration based on their own lens of how this question should be approached.

Overall, it seems hard to dispute that different people have different needs when it comes to living well. What serves one person may not serve another. Some people need to be more social, others need more alone time.

I think the key is developing a self-awareness of what you need, what you’re interested in, and how deep you want to take this exploration of “living well.”

Do you want to try to purify the mind and eradicate suffering for yourself? Then you may want to try living as a monk.

Do you feel inspired to work 18-hour days trying to achieve or create something that nobody else has? Grind it out.

Are you content making $50,000 a year, living in a modest house, with ample free time to go golfing and fishing? Awesome.

Keep listening to what you feel inspired to do. There is no “right” way. There’s just constant learning, different opinions, and cause and effect. Find YOUR way.