Is there a wrong way to meditate? Yes. If you’re creating more distress for yourself during the meditation process then you’re not meditating.

Now, a key point here is that we’re not talking about the experiences that are arising. Simply by choosing to sit and meditate, you’re opening the door for some pain, lots of thoughts, interruptions, emotions, etc. That’s a natural part of the experience.

What I’m referring to is whether or not you’re creating more distress around these experiences when they arise. Do you beat yourself up when your mind wanders? Do you get angry if there’s physical pain? Are you trying to fight random sounds of your kids screaming in the background while you’re meditating in your closet?

Meditation is not about the experience that arises, but our relationship to those experiences. If you’re in an abusive relationship toward your meditative experience, it’s time to make a change.