Personally, I find it difficult to create a sense of calm and peace before a big event or opportunity. There’s too much energy in the body and any sort of trying to temper it seems to create more agitation.

Perhaps you’ve found yourself in a similar situation. Maybe it was a big talk you had to give, or you were taking an exam, or a job interview. In these situations, I like to blend with the heightened state of energy, rather than fight it. Even if it’s nervous energy.

A helpful way to do this is to leverage visualization. Chances are, if you’re nervous, your mind is thinking about and imagining all of the things that could go wrong.

Instead, try to imagine the situation going amazingly well. Imagine getting positive feedback, imagine feeling confident, imagine finishing up and feeling great about the experience.

It seems basic, but Imagining a positive outcome is often so different than the mind’s negative inclination, that doing so can completely shift our mood in the present moment.