Trauma cannot be healed in a vacuum.

Trauma happened at a time when there wasn’t someone there to help us process, integrate and understand what just happened. And often, it was the result of being betrayed by someone who was supposed to be that someone during those times.

It’s imperative to have someone whom you can acknowledge the event with, process emotions with, and feel safe with (even many years later) when helping to release and integrate the stored trauma in the mind and body.

Of course, a trained trauma specialist is often the best companion on this journey. But there can also be great healing through vulnerability and discussion of a traumatic event with a friend or family member you feel safe with and trust.

If you have experienced trauma, it might be beneficial to check in to see if it’s something you’ve tried to heal from alone, and perhaps open to the possibility of furthering the healing in partnership with another person. But, as always, only when you’re ready.