On his death bed with Tuberculosis, Henry David Thoreau remarked that there can be as much peace in disease as there is in health when the mind conforms to the nature of the body.

On the deepest and most subtle levels, it’s not the nature of our experience that creates happiness and suffering, it’s our relationship to the experience.

When our minds resist what is here, we create tension. When our minds soften around what is here, we allow ease. This softening is not synonymous with passive resignation; we can still aim to improve our lives. But we might not need to wait until our condition is improved until we can experience peace.

Accepting, embracing and softening into this moment of your life, even when it’s painful, is not giving up, it’s simply acknowledging and blending with the truth of this moment. Not only is there tremendous healing in this, but it may provide a greater groundedness and clarity for how to best take care of yourself moving forward.

And, of course, there may be times where it makes sense to resist, so use practical wisdom.