What can we trust?


Can we trust our thoughts? Can we trust our emotions? Can we trust our intuition? Can we trust other people? Can we trust our beliefs?


All of these things can betray us. So what can we trust?


Perhaps we can trust that there’s learning in all of this. Perhaps we can trust that whatever happens has a lesson for us. Perhaps we can trust that who and what we are is this dynamic evolving process that will never get it right, but also never get it wrong, because it’s all unfolding exactly as it’s unfolding.


Maybe we could call this whole thing “The Process.”


The process is different than the outcome. The process is different than the content. The Process, with a capital P, is never wrong because it doesn’t play the right or wrong game. It just is. It’s a manifestation of everything that has conspired since infinity B.C., all leading this moment to unfold exactly as it’s unfolding. Trying to stop that is like trying to stop the ocean from waving.


Your thoughts, beliefs, interactions, betrayals, pains and joys are all just waves in the ocean of the universe.


It’s bigger than you, but it also IS you. Feel into the wave of this moment, respond in the way that feels best, and trust that whatever unfolds from there is just another wave in this much larger process.


You can’t trust anything. So trust the process.