Seeing new possibilities for the future starts in the present.

How does mindfulness prepare us for the future?

As we pay attention to what’s happening in the present, we learn the nature of things to come.

We learn that an emotion is impermanent. We learn how thoughts can cascade and trigger one another. We learn that sensations in the body ebb and flow.

It’s very subtle, but the more we show the mind what’s actually happening in the present, the less tightly it grips to things remaining the same in the future.

The psychological construct that is created by our brains about what can be done/can’t be done, what is possible/impossible, how things should be/shouldn’t be, starts to soften and expand.

As this learning happens, the possibility for how future moments might unfold also starts to change.

In that space, you’re more likely to dream up a future you might have previously thought impossible.