Don’t dwell on your cant’s.

Dwell on your cans.

This may read as a basic, pop self-help quote, but there’s more wisdom here than meets the eye.

The brain’s negativity bias will be more inclined to focus on what is not good in your life and what you can’t do. If the body has been compromised in some way, there will be the tendency to focus on what we no longer have and what we can do longer do. If you’re not able to take 30 vacations a year like Jeff at work, the tendency will be to compare yourself to Jeff and be frustrated that you can’t do what he does.

In those moments, start by asking the simple question: “What can I do?”

This shift in orientation will put you in a mindset of searching for your capabilities, your opportunities, your skills, your talents. It’s a much different mentality than searching your mind for everything you can’t do.