We all have things we’re working on. “Baggage” if you will.

As you enter the stream of personal growth, there may be a feeling like you need to fix everything, change all of your negative conditionings, fully heal from all of your trauma before you can really start living.

Be careful not to get caught in that trap. I’ve yet to meet someone who has fully purified themselves in this way. In fact, so much of what makes certain people “great” is their unique conditionings, past, and traumas that have molded them into who they are today.

You don’t need to solve, heal or understand everything that has ever happened to you (unless you feel inspired to).

Sometimes all we need is “good enough healing.” Enough so that our “stuff” is not completely holding us back or pulling us down, and we can still live our lives.

Our stuff may still show up periodically. It may still cause us to get triggered by certain things our peers say. It may still cause us to desire extra attachment in a relationship. But we’re able to live our lives and also appreciate our strengths and the great joy, goodness, and wonder that is also available inside and outside.

Some of our wounds will have vanished, others will have scarred, and some may still be raw. You can still live your life with all of this at play.